Andrew & Heather – Save the Date.

A Save the Date card for Andrew & Heather’s destination wedding in Lake Tahoe, CA. The couple provided a photo they made while visiting their wedding site in Cali.

heather-andrew-saveTD-07*adobe illustrator/photoshop


Landon & Becca Engagement.



Landon & Becca are a fun, young couple having a destination wedding in Florida. This was their engagement party announcement.



*done in adobe illustrator.

perfect monster.

It’s not often you get a bride that wants you to design a frankenstein-themed wedding announcement. This couple had planned an extravagant halloween engagement party and wanted the announcement to match. After all, there are the ghoul-est couple I know ;)

these were printed @ 4×9. Designed in adobe illustrator with hand-drawn typography.

the land of eh’s.

i’m going on an adventure.

yes, that’s right! i’m going to canada. if you know me, you know i’ve had this dream for awhile, and it’s finally happening. Jen and I will be traveling across approximately seven states on our trek to canada. yippee!

jen is a professional road-tripper, so i’m merely following her lead. it’s going to be grand.

here is a look at our itinerary.

Monday > Chicago, IL

Tuesday > Madison, WI

Wednesday > Milwalkee, WI

Thursday > Chicago/Hillsdale, MI

Friday > Ann Arbor, MI

Saturday > Detroit, MI / Columbus, OH

Sunday > Columbus, OH

Monday > Buffalo, NY / Niagara Falls

Tuesday > Toronto, Canda

Wednesday > Canada/ Buffalo, NY

i need your help.

this is what i’m asking of you, my fellow readers. I need opinions and great places to see along the way! I know a lot of you have traveled yourselves, so pass along all your wisdom!

& don’t worry, i’ll be capturing every step of my journey!